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Welcome Pet Lovers!
Peg & Heidi FounderHello, Thanks for stopping by! Here is some information that will help you learn about 4goodpawz Quality Pet Care.
We are not a boarding or daycare facility
All pet care is done in the pets home!
4goodpawz is at your side!

We help donate to your local humane society in your pet's name!

It only takes one visit to become a member!

 We are based out of Lebanon NH
Offering dog walking and pet sitting services to our neighboring towns surrounding the Lebanon area as well as just over the line to Vermont!

4goodpawz is State Registered, pet insured, Vet recommended, Background checked, member ASPCA & MSPCA 1976, UVHS volunteer, References also available upon request. Take a look around and please contact us with any questions or to inquire more about our services.
Pets are a very important
 part of our family!
When you can't be home for your pet you want them taken care of with the same love and attention you give them. It's just what we do as ...
Qualified Pet Care providers!
we love animals!
4goodpawz also knows that pet owners need flexibility when looking for pet care services, we are very pleased in offering you that choice.
When you hire 4goodpawz
You're hiring a professional pet care service that wants to know everything about your pet so while your away they can be given the same love and  attention you give them as if  you've never left.  
This professional service provides fun packed quality time spent with your pet on any visit! Whether it be out walking, pet sitting, even potty let outs are enough time to have fun with your pet. Looking forward to visiting your neighborhood!
 Now that's something to Wag about!!!
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Pet services:
  • Let outs:  
                  10 mins.
  • Late-night let outs:
                  10 mins.
  • Walks:     
20, 30, 40 minutes 
  • Pet sitting:
  • days & overnights
  • Transportation:
  Vet appt's/Groomer/Boarding
  • Administration of medicine
  • and more...
pawz welcome!
Please help our Local Humane Society's!
They need your support!
Help save a future pet
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